Electron thermal conduction in ICF targets

The photo above shows a miniature truck fabricated by laser-cutting under a microscope by the LLNL target fabrication group. On the back of the truck is an actual target from an electron transport experiment. The central circle is layered Be over CH, ~1 mm in diameter; the outer washer is a Titanium shield 4 mm in diameter. The opening in the shield is about 1 mm in diameter, for this particular target (different dimensions used in actual experiment).

In the experiment (schematically shown above), the laser heated the central target area with a beam-spot diameter of about 0.25 mm. The x-ray emission from the target was measured to determine the rate of heat conduction into the dense Be/CH target material and outward along the target's surface beyond the laser-heated region. Previous experiments and calculations had shown that electron conduction into the target appeared inhibited. This experiment simultaneously monitored the heat flow into the dense target material, and determined that no anomalous conduction process carried energy transversely, along the target's surface. Published report available on request.

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